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Arnica acaulis
Arnica acaulis

Flora App

The Flora App puts all the content of the print Flora, and much more, onto your Android or iOS device. $19.99.

The Flora of Virginia

The first manual on Virginia plants in 250 years. Published in 2012, featuring 3,164 species, almost 1,600 pages, and 1,400 original illustrations, with keys and excellent habitat information. $96.49 (including S&H).

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Isabella’s Peppermint Flowers

A child’s introduction to botany in Virginia from colonial times, featuring two little girls exploring for Spring Beauty with their mother. By Susan Leopold, executive director of United Plant Savers, and illustrated by Nicky Staunton, three-time president of the Virginia Native Plant Society and longtime Flora Project board member. $18.00. Sales benefit the Flora of Virginia Project.

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Original Flora Art

Original pen-and-ink illustrations published in the Flora of Virginia by chief illustrator Lara Call Gastinger. $100 ea. For each illustration purchased, the artist donates $25 to the Flora of Virginia Project. Availability is first-come, first-served. Contact the artist with your request for work that supports The Flora of Virginia (The Flora of Virginia Project retains copyright).