About the Flora of Virginia Project

Aeschynomene virginica
Aeschynomene virginica

Flora of Virginia publications are relied on by thousands of environmental advocates as a critical reference. Professionals use our data to drive botanical research, environmental assessments and restoration planning work that will protect and restore Virginia’s amazing natural communities. Enthusiasts and private property owners rely on the Flora to identify beautiful natives that need active protection from invasive species, and educators introduce students to the amazing flora of Virginia in primary, secondary and college curricula.

The Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors. It was founded in 2001 with the mandate to produce a modern Flora Virginica honoring the original, published in the Netherlands in 1739 using the observations and collections of John Clayton. That simple goal took ten years to accomplish, culminating with the publication of the Flora of Virginia in 2012. Guided by board president and co-author Chris Ludwig, co-authors Alan Weakley, John Townsend and Gary Fleming, founding board member Marion Lobstein, and Executive Director Bland Crowder, and leading an impressive list of contributors, volunteers, advisers and partners, the book includes approximately 3,200 taxa in 200 families and features 1,400 captioned, scaled, and botanically accurate illustrations.

Work on the App began as soon as the book was published and launched in September 2017. The ability to carry the more than 1,500 pages of data and content in your pocket has been transformational. After a major update in 2020 the founding members passed the baton to the new team in 2021 to steward the evolution of the project.

The Flora is evergreen, requiring ongoing attention to keep the data current and accurate, and of value to ecology professionals and enthusiasts alike. Generous donations from our supporters allows us to keep the science current. Please consider supporting our good work.