The Flora Apps

see go here THE FLORA MOBILE APP was released on September 30, 2017, culminating a project that began in 2010. The App, for Android and iOS devices, contains everything you love from the print Flora of Virginia, with a lot more besides. It features an easy-to-use Graphic Key, in addition to the traditional dichotomous keys. Most species descriptions contain 1-5 photographs, and many include a botanical illustration. Treatments of species that are rare or threatened include conservation ranks, and invasives are scored as to level of invasiveness. And nearly all species have a county-by-county range map.

No Internet connection is required (other than to download it or upgrades).

This modern format will revolutionize the way Virginians* learn about plants, and it’s expected that kids as young as sixth grade will carry this mobile Flora with them.

Work toward a Flora Office App is under way, for desktops and laptops, Windows and Macs. Stay tuned!

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* The Flora of Virginia (book and App) covers the floras of West Virginia and Maryland more than 95%, those of surrounding regions 90–95%, and nearly every other region east of the Mississippi 75–90% (other than the northeast of Maine and the warmer reaches of the Southeast.