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Set of four Flora of Virginia notecards, featuring illustrations from the book


One license of the Flora of Virginia app. Please note whether you need iOS or Android.


One copy of the Flora of Virginia book


One pair of reproduction Flora illustrations completed in watercolor by Lara Call Gastinger. Select from options below.

Flora Illustrations

Wood Violet
Viola palmata
Striped Violet
Viola striata
Long-spurred Violet
Viola rostrata
Canada Violet
Viola canadensis
Downy Yellow-leaved Violet
Viola pubescens
Bird’s-foot Violet
Viola pedata
Sweet Bay
Longleaf Pine
Wild Bleeding Heart
Fruits of Nine Hickories
Common Persimmon
Common Greenbrier
Showy Orchis
American Hornbeam
Climbing Milkvine
American Ipecac
Green and Gold
Heron’s Bill
Garden Phlox
Smooth Purple Coneflower
Long-Headed Poppy
Shaggy False Cromwell
Eastern Indian Paintbrush
Marsh Marigold