A photograph of children outdoors examining a plant in the hand.

The Flora of Virginia Project gets you even closer to Virginia plants with seven videos that will help you optimize your use of the Flora. Designed and produced by the Flora Board’s Education Committee, these free videos are suitable for a range of audiences and learners.

  1. Tour of the Flora
  2. Using the Flora App
  3. Basic Botany
  4. Taxonomy
  5. Keying
  6. Plant Families
  7. Habitats

Each presentation stands alone, but together they provide a comprehensive approach to understanding and using the Flora. Each lasts about an hour and is divided into three or more sections. Time stamps and descriptions let viewers navigate to a specific topic or area of interest.

Additional resource materials are provided with each video for deeper investigation. You can also find the full set of modules at the Flora Vimeo Showcase, Flora of Virginia Educational Videos.