The Flora Apps

splash screenThe Flora Mobile App (for smart phones and tablets) is the present priority of the Flora Project, and a limited prototype will be in testing by late winter 2017. The App will contain everything you love from the book, with a lot more besides. It will combine information from several other ecological data sets with the Flora’s own data, including moisture regime, light regime, level of invasiveness, state and global rareness rankings, and listings as rare or endangered. Emphasis will be on habitats, ecological earmarks of natives. Also appealing, of course, are portability and updatability. And a unique, simple Graphic Key! And this combination of features is going to make it a hit with much younger users, especially 6–12 students who might otherwise have their Flora experience limited to a few handouts in the classroom.

Work toward a Flora Office App will also begin in 2017, and this will be our funding priority for the next 18 months or so. This App will operate on desktop and laptop computers and must be programmed separately for Windows machines and Macintoshes. It will contain even more ecological information and will afford you connectivity between the data and your favorite computer programs.