The Flora’s Growing!

Please help us Keep the Science Current! 

Since we finalized content and began production on the Flora of Virginia (published 2012), much has changed. New records have been confirmed for Virginia. Species new to science have been discovered here. Species labeled “waifs” in the book have been confirmed as more widespread or populous and so deserve full treatment. And taxonomy continues to be re-evaluated, scientific names changed, and taxa lumped or split.

Updates are already being developed, and now that we have the Flora App—and the data sets that power it—we can bring you this information as soon as we can research it, write it, draw it, map it, and make keys for it.

We have to pay botanists, writers, and illustrators, and cover costs of data tabulation and processing, programming, and editing. The new information will first appear in the App. We hope you’ll be generous in supporting this important phase, so we can bring you what you expect of us.

Click here to donate now via PayPal. Or mail us your donation as a check: Flora of Virginia Project, P.O. Box 512, Richmond, Va. 23218.

Thank you!