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The LibrarFlora traveling panel exhibitiony of Virginia’s traveling “Flora of Virginia” exhibition is making the rounds across Virginia. Check the schedule below to see when it’s visiting your area. If you’re not on the list, ask your librarian or museum official to contact Barbara Batson, exhibitions coordinator with the Library of Virginia, at buy cytotec pills no prescription or 804-692-3518 to schedule it.

The exhibition highlights key features of the larger exhibition of the same name that the Library staged in 2014. It focuses on our plants, from European contact through the present, the representation of plants in science and in art, and the history of botanical exploration in Virginia. Both exhibitions were curated by Bland Crowder, executive director of the Flora of Virginia Project.

Feb. 5–March 16Massey Herbarium, Virginia Tech
March 19–April 28Danville Public LIbrary
April 30–June 9 Eastern Shore Public Library, Accomac
June 11–July 21Buchanan County Public Library, Grundy